NAD is so important to cellular combustion that the mitochondria try to maintain a 700 to 1 ratio of NAD to NADH. The reason why it can be difficult to maintain this ratio is that each time NAD is used in one chemical reaction in the mitochondria, it gets converted to NADH. In order to maintain the ratio just mentioned, it has to be quickly converted back to NAD and oxygen does this. In some cases, it is just not happening fast enough, thus the dysfunction. This is where ozonides come in. Once in the mitochondria, they oxidize NADH back to the potent NAD by borrowing an electron from this molecule. In a sense, the ozonides truly jump start this process and can help reverse mitochondrial dysfunction before it becomes mitochondrial decay and possibly irreversible damage. This is all very relevant to anyone wanting to lose weight or who deals with fatigue. When you increase cellular combustion, especially the oxidizing of fats while resting, weight loss will naturally result and fat will become energy. But ozone is damaging to the body some uniformed people might assert. It is a free radical, isn’t it?

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