Solutions for Natural Health

These solutions can logically be divided into two categories. The first is healthy lifestyle changes. I had a talented young artist friend of mine illustrate this in the slideshow above. To support natural therapies in creating long term, positive health changes you must be willing to do the following:  
  • change unhealthy eating habits and maintain a healthy weight

  • get reasonable amounts of exercise based on your current ability

  • go to bed at night and have a good pattern of sleep hygiene

And…….last but not least, work on changing unhealthy thinking patterns and harmful addictions


Diet and Nutrition

  How can you prevent yourself from sabotaging your recovery with poor diet choices? We all know there is no diet that suits everyone! People often focus on what they can’t eat. Or they go to extremes in limiting macronutrients in an attempt  to starve certain infections.   Why is it a mistake to limit certain macronutrients long-term in an attempt to starve infections?

Parasites like

Entamoeba Histolytica thrive on animal protein.


Protomyxzoa Rheumatica thrives on fats and oils.


Candida Albicans thrives on carbohydrates.


So to starve all your bugs, all you have to do is stop eating all protein, fats, and carbohydrates!

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Some General Dietary Guidelines


Avoid all processed food, junk foods, fast foods, gluten, sugar, dairy products, GMO foods, mercury-laden fish and seafood, and of course, foods that you are allergic to.

Do consume: partly raw, organic, nutrient-dense whole foods such as green leafy vegetables and other veggies, fruits, berries, nuts and seeds, whole non-gluten grains, beans, peas, lentils, healthy oils, and high-quality organic meats and eggs, if you choose to eat animal protein.

When it comes to diet, one of our goals as holistic practitioners is to recognize dietary habits that can be sabotaging the person’s recovery. It seems that one of the more persistent problems with patients is eating sugar addictively as a coping method. While some go straight for the good stuff like sodas, candy, and ice cream that are all loaded with sucrose and high fructose corn syrup…………..others may state that they NEVER eat sugar.  

But on the other hand they do eat…










When all is said and done, what’s the difference!!! Why do people think that sugar is somehow not sugar?? The ability to process sugar from plants is a fairly recent change to the human food supply. From a health standpoint, does it really make that much difference which plant you process the sugar from?
Eaten addictively, sugar always causes harm regardless of what form it is in. The ability to eat it in moderation is very difficult.

Joel Fuhrman – “Eat for Health”

This diet seems to be well-tolerated by many people.

This is the diet I recommend.

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Exercise is SOOOO important to regaining strength while recovering from a chronic illness.

Some tips that help a chronically ill couch potato begin a graduated exercise program:
  • Create multiple outlets to exercise, i.e., walking routes, or jogging/running once you are strong enough, gym membership, street or mountain bike, home exercise equipment, swimming, etc.
  • Start very slowly.
  • Pick a time that is right for you such as morning, midday, afternoon, or evening and try to do a little bit almost every day or it will not likely become a habit.
  • Find an exercise partner that is at or around your level.
  • Work with your skilled holistic practitioner to find the right supplements to adequately support adrenal gland function with homeopathics, glandulars, and adaptogenic herbs, or low dose Rx cortisone.
  • Use mitochondrial support supplements like reduced CoQ10, magnesium, alpha Ketoglutaric acid, L-carnitine, etc.


Many chronic illness sufferers have either adrenal exhaustion or an inverted metabolism. They are exhausted in the morning, but their adrenal glands finally rally about midnight. So when they should be sleeping they are finally feeling some energy.
For natural sedation and deeper sleep: Amantilla and Babuna Nutramedix Seditol Pure Encapsulations Pro Eze Progena Revitalizing Sleep Formula Integrative Therapeutics Gabatone Apex Energetics Sleep Formula Karuna

… and plenty of Nutramedix Magnesium Malate along with these at bedtime.

Positive Mental Outlook

  • EZOV- Nutramedix remedy
  • EVOX – Voice pattern reprogramming
  Despite the power of these tools, when all is said and done if a person still habitually chooses to allow negative thinking to dominate their thinking, these interventions may very likely fail. Positive psychology advocate Martin Seligman’s book, “Authentic Happiness” can be a nice additional tool to aid people in changing some of these deeply engrained negative thinking “ruts” in their brain. Progression into CFS    

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