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In the past couple of decades, the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse has been improved and modified extensively based on rapidly developing knowledge in holistic health and this is why I personally believe it to be, as stated, the most powerful therapeutic detox method in existence. ~ Jack Miller, CTN

Health and Wellness Retreats

We are excited to announce the new feature of services provided by Natural Health Sciences of Arizona, 7-Day Rapid Cleanse Detox Retreats and 8-Day Lyme Healing Retreats. Retreats were the next logical step for the services provided by Natural Health Sciences of Arizona, LLC. This is because most of the people who seek our services do come from other places and are not locals.
At last count we have had individuals travel from 20 US states, Canada, Mexico, and Europe seeking the unique and highly individualized healing methods offered by Jack Miller and his staff. Generally, in the past, those who have come travel to one of our 2 locations for one week. They begin the week with a 2 or 3-hour Electrodermal Screening evaluation appointment followed by a week of recommended natural therapies.

*Retreats are only available to members of Desert Paths Natural Wellness Association.

With a healing retreat it is a similar process, only the client receives much more focused attention and we can provide live-in staff such as a holistic nurse, or other well-trained support staff to make sure that they receive the absolute best in attention to detail, and administration of natural healing methods.

We have decided based on our earlier experiences to keep the number of individuals who go through our healing retreats very small, at least at this time, so that we can give them complete and full attention throughout the process.  So…at this time for 7-Day Rapid Cleanse Retreats, we only have one or two clients at a time, and this is done once every other month.
As a business owner with multiple employees, I am unwilling to increase the number of clients who go through a retreat to more than 1 or 2 during each retreat at this time. Beginning in February we will have our first larger 7-Day Rapid Cleanse Retreat with more clients (4) in Prescott, Arizona. We are enrolling those limited spots at this time.

Thus far our previous 7-Day Rapid Cleanse Retreats have been a great success for this reason: keeping things small and giving attention to detail.

7-Day Rapid Cleanse

The 7-Day Rapid Cleanse was originated by William Lee Cowden M.D. over 20 years ago and represents quite possibly the most therapeutically powerful internal cleansing and detoxication method in existence. Why does that matter? Because some people can’t heal without such a therapeutically powerful method. Here are some of the highlights and what you would experience as a client doing the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse:

  • A 4-hour initial Electrodermal Screening office appointment. This is your intake appointment to prepare for the week.
  • About 40 different herbal, nutritional, homeopathic and other detoxification products, that are energetically tested to be compatible with you.
  • Twice daily lymphatic drainage with the Photon Genie and other specialized equipment.
  • 5 times per day, 2 different detox drinks of fiber, clay and other types of intestinal toxin binders,green powders, organic veggie broths, and the second drink of warm lemon or lime juices, fulvic minerals, and drainage remedies. The purpose of these are to stimulate liver detox, bind and eliminate the toxic mucoid lining (see section A) from the bowel that prevents normal detoxification and nutrient absorption.
  • A diversity of fresh therapeutic organic greens, and low carbohydrate veggie, lower carb fruit and berry smoothies throughout the day.
  • Additional freshly prepared organic veggie broths with seasonings throughout the day (no solid food)
  • A Berkey water filter.
  • Very specialized ozonated colema equipment for the purpose of doing two 30-minute colemas per day. A colema is unlike an enema or colon hydrotherapy. It involves lying on a specialized colema board and taking in about 1 liter at a time of warm ozonated mineral water. (Read more below about the special benefits of colema therapy.)
  • Ozonated, specialized, energetic detoxification bath soaks, twice daily after each colema.
  • Therapeutic massage.
  • 2 one-hour Laser Energetic Detoxification sessions. These homeopathic vials and drops are prepared during the 4-hour intake appointment at the beginning of the week, and then the actual Laser Detox sessions are done later.
  • An Infrared hand-held device that you will be trained to use on areas of toxic focus identified with electodermal screening or evaluative kinesiology.
  • 2 one-hour EVOX emotional detox or Perception Reframing sessions.
  • Continuous education throughout the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse to help you understand why you are doing the various natural methods.
  • Energetic evaluation with kinesiology and Electrodermal Ccreening several times throughout the process to monitor your progress.
  • The greatest benefit perhaps of all, is that you own all the equipment and products after the cleanse is completed and may take it home and continue doing future cleanses in the privacy of your own home. That equipment includes some of the highest quality variable output, therapeutic ozone equipment on the market that can be used for a variety of other purposes besides just 7-Day Rapid Cleanses. Also, you will take home ozonated bath equipment, colema board, specialized ozone capable colema bucket and tubing and fittings, lymphatic drainage equipment,your Berkey filter and much more. Because you went through the process and were engaged in said process, you now have the training, equipment, and products to continue doing your own 7-day cleanses at home for yourself or your family if you so choose. Some have chosen to just come back and go though it again with full staff support we provide in a beautiful location. But one thing is for certain, when it comes to reversing an entrenched chronic illness, some continuation of therapy is ideal. As powerful as this method is, chronic health issues aren’t reversable in 7 days.
  • A final evaluation appointment on the last half day, the 8th day to make recommendations on how to proceed with your newly gained equipment, supplements and training over the upcoming months. This is also the day you will begin eating solid food again.

You will stay in a beautiful location in Prescott Arizona. A multi-room, multi-bath dwelling and this is included in the package.
No extra charge. This location will be adequate for you to bring family or friend.

You will be assisted 24-7 by a live in primary helper that in most cases will be a holistic nurse or other well trained individual,
as well as a secondary helper who assists your primary helper.

As you may know, doctor William Lee Cowden is a renowned holistic MD, well known for the Cowden protocol for Lyme disease, author of the Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer. He is highly sought out for his success with Autism, especially in connection with the dramatic success stories related to Laser Energetic Detoxification. He is the founder of the Academy of Comprehensive and Integrative Medicine ( that holds conferences and training courses with the most recognized holistic doctors in the world.  Dr. Cowden gets things done! And my association with him has enriched my knowledge and skills over the years.

The 7- Day Rapid Cleanse was originally created years ago by Dr. Cowden as a desperation measure to intervene in cases of severe, dying, silicone breast implant injured women with ruptured or leaking implants and silicone poisoning all over their body; the symptoms of this included severe arthritis and Lupus, autoimmune diseases including Multiple sclerosis, bedridden with Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and a variety of other health issues from silicone gel poisoning.

Silicone in addition to inducing an insane amount of immune activation and inflammation, is a molecule that is extremely difficult to remove from the body, perhaps only asbestos being harder. The goal was to supercharge liver, bowel, kidney, lymphatic, spleen and in fact all body detoxification over a 7-day period. During the cleanse, seriously ill breast implant injured women actually passed oxidized silicone through their bowel, and bowel associated lymph tissue (this silicone they passed into the toilet during the cleanse was verified by lab testing) and some reported phenomenal improvement and reversal of all their symptoms. Of course, it was not long until it became clear that this cleanse could help many other different health issues and in fact those who have gone through it often report recovery from a variety of health challenges.

In the past couple of decades, the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse has been improved and modified extensively based on rapidly developing knowledge in holistic health and this is why I personally believe it to be, as stated, the most powerful therapeutic detox method in existence. You may not have silicone poisoning, but with most modern chronic illnesses currently falling through the cracks of allopathic methods, ignored root causes such as chemical poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, and biotoxin/mold toxin poisoning are a big reason for failure of suffering people to receive any real help. The 7-Day Cleanse is excellent for these type challenges as well. The 7-Day Rapid Cleanse has been well tolerated even by extremely weak and debilitated patients.  It is not necessarily gentle, but to be honest gentle does not always work.  A pragmatic approach sometimes needs to be taken. The forces driving many chronic illnesses are not at all gentle.  They are extreme and debilitating and are the reason many fail to heal despite a lot of effort. Therapies should be adequate to reverse deeply entrenched conditions. Natural medicine, when it is good and effective, just like conventional medicine should reach the therapeutic window to create the necessary shift in creating change in health.

The 8-Day Lyme Healing Retreat

With this 8-day retreat you will get many of the same benefits as the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse but with more focus on Lyme disease, and also less bowel cleansing. In addition to staff support throughout the process you will receive at no additional cost beyond the Retreat cost the following:

  • An incredibly comprehensive 4-hour initial electodermal screening appointment (we take a 30-minute break between each 2-hour segments, because 4 hours sitting for an appointment is too intense)
  • The entire Cowden support Program (Cowden Protocol) or about 9 months of products, but in addition to just the Nutramedix products we supplement this support program with energetic testing and extensive modifications to make it individualized for you. The limitations of a one size fits all support program is simply that in some cases it fails. We supplement the Cowden support program with Byron White Nutraceuticals, Jernigan Nutraceuticals, Systemic Formulas parasite products, German isopathic and spagyric remedies, and in fact products from 20 practitioner grade companies that we work with. Not only will you receive these products but you will be provided with a 9 months supply of these (include with your package) with detailed written recommendations for usage.
  • Lymphatic drainage with the Photon Genie, and training for home lymphatic drainage equipment. With the exception of the Photon Genie you will own the home lymphatic drainage equipment after the Retreat.
  • 2 therapeutic massages.
  • A diversity of therapeutic organic greens, and low carbohydrate veggie smoothies throughout the day.
  • Additional freshly prepared organic veggie juices with organic seasonings throughout the day and healthy organic Paleo meals (or other specific dietary needs that you request).
  • A Berkey water filter.
  • High quality ozone equipment that you will use during the Lyme retreat to do ozone saunas, and insufflation therapies. You will own this equipment after the retreat.
  • Exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) equipment and training. (What is EWOT? Scroll down to learn more.) You will own this equipment after the retreat.
  • 2 one-hour Laser Energetic Detoxification sessions. These homeopathic vials and drops are prepared during the 4-hour intake appointment at the beginning of the week, then the actually Laser detox sessions are done later.
  • An Infrared hand-held device that you will be trained to use on areas of toxic focus identified with electodermal screening or evaluative kinesiology.
  • 2 one-hour EVOX emotional detox or Perception Reframing sessions.
  • Continuous education throughout the 8-Day Lyme Retreat to help you understand why you are doing the various natural methods.
  • Energetic evaluation with kinesiology and electrodermal screening several times throughout the process to monitor your progress.
  • Glass enema buckets, organic coffee, and coffee enemas for liver detox prepared for you during the process. You can decline these if you wish but you will be given education about the value of these.
  • A final evaluation appointment in which Jack Miller will outline detailed recommendations on how to proceed with your customized version of the Cowden support program and detailed instructions on how to use the 9 months supply of nutritional supplements included in the package.
  • Detailed recommendations on how to best implement the usage of the therapeutic equipment you are taking home with you. Including staged or methodical usage of it.  You will not necessarily go home and begin everything at once. Part of the purpose of the Retreat is to teach you how to use and benefit from natural therapy equipment that may have been a bit foreign to you before. Our goal is to teach you methods and use of equipment to heal yourself.
  • It is highly recommended that if you do not feel you will be capable or well enough to do these things after you return home that you bring a family member/caretaker with you to learn with you. The Retreat will be at a beautiful location in Prescott, Arizona and there will be no extra charge if you bring a caretaker with you. Of course, another option is to continue to come back to us for multiple Retreats at a reduced fee since you will already own your equipment. Future retreats will be at a significantly reduced fee if you already own the equipment from a previous retreat.
  • We will teach you many other things during the Retreat week to use in your recovery battle. It is not possible to list them all here.

You will stay in a beautiful location in Prescott Arizona. A multi-room, multi-bath dwelling and this is included in the package.
No extra charge. This location will be adequate for you to bring family or friend.

You will be assisted 24-7 by a live in primary helper that in most cases will be a holistic nurse or other well trained individual,
as well as a secondary helper who assists your primary helper.

Registration Information

The Retreat location is beautiful Prescott, Arizona.

Contact us for dates and slot availability.
Phone: 702.551,3335
Email: [email protected]

A 25% deposit is required to reserve a spot in a Retreat. Please understand that we begin making some of the extensive preparations and product orders immediately once a Retreat client is on the schedule, therefore deposits are non-refundable.

For, the cost of the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse, including all supplies, supplements and equipment, contact our office.

For the cost of the 8-Day Lyme Retreat and the 9 months supply of supplements and extensive equipment, contact us.

*Retreats are only available to members of Desert Paths Natural Wellness Association.

What is a mucoid lining?

A mucoid lining is made of hardened mucous and dietary fibers that have turned into a rubbery lining that lines the small intestine. The mucoid lining is essentially a tube inside of a tube. How common is this condition? It’s extremely common. The modern diet promotes excess secretion of mucous by the small intestine, especially dairy products, gluten containing grain products, and red meat. In addition, many people have undiagnosed food allergies that irritate the small bowel and promote mucous secretion, and these and other factors contribute to the formation of this lining. Over the years, the constant over secretion of mucous by the small intestine mixes with fiber and gradually creates a thicker and thicker lining in some areas of the intestine. As stated, the modern diet is the culprit. The natural enzymes in raw food tend to dissolve this lining, but few people eat significant portions of their diet raw. The only ones then who likely do not have any mucoid lining in their small intestines are individuals who eat an almost 100% raw, organic, vegan diet (and have done so for years). For the rest of us the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse is probably in order to promote health and better digestion and nutrient absorption but it is even more important for anyone trying to recover from a chronic illness. The 7-Day Rapid Cleanse is really far more than a mucoid lining cleanse. I have personally seen many individuals use one of the commercially available mucoid lining cleanses with limited results or no results at all (and in some cases feel worse because the cleanse lacked therapeutic power) The 7-Day Rapid Cleanse is designed to be as thorough as possible for these type detox methods.

Why getting rid of the mucoid lining is just one of many benefits of the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse?                      

The mucoid lining can be one of many significant factors weighing down one’s health and contributing to illness or at least a lack of optimal health. How so? The mucoid lining prohibits absorption in the areas of the small intestine where it has formed. Less absorption means reduced nutritional status. It’s as if the section of the small intestine with the mucoid lining is functionally missing from the standpoint of it doing its job in nutrient absorption. To be healthy one needs to eat nutritious food, digest it, absorb it, and assimilate the nutrients. The mucoid lining is in the small intestine and that is where most nutrient absorption takes place. Ironically this would not contribute to weight loss. According to my conversation with Lee Cowden, M.D., who I first heard teach this natural health information about the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse at a conference on detoxification therapies in Phoenix, Arizona in 2006, the mucoid lining could actually promote obesity. How so? Well, the small intestine is divided into three sections, the Duodenum, Jejunum, and Ileum. The macronutrients fat and sugar in the diet are fairly rapidly absorbed in the upper small intestine and absorption of fat and sugar may not be significantly affected by the lining, whereas many micronutrients that are crucial to health, and especially minerals, absorb slowly and may only absorb in small percentages, even in a healthy gut. A blockage to absorption in the small intestine would reduce this absorption even further and thus a person may eat a meal and absorb most of the calories but remain unsatisfied and continue to have food cravings due to poor mineral andmicronutrient absorption. Of course, it goes without saying that a chronically ill person who is underweight and malnourished would also need a mucoid cleanse, because those individuals also need to have no blockage to their nutrient absorption.

The mucoid lining is also a contributing factor in chronic infection with pathogenic microbes of the gut. This could include parasitic, yeast, fungal, and putrefactive bacterial infections of the gut. One way that the body rids itself of such unfriendly microbes is through the mild scraping effect that dietary fiber or roughage has on the bowel wall. Ideally, bad bugs are literally scraped off the bowel by fiber in the diet as they attempt to adhere and set up shop. When the mucoid lining is there, fibrous foods slide past the pathogens because they are entrenched behind the mucoid lining. These microbes produce various metabolic toxins and waste products which are absorbed, and then the liver has to deal with these. So, the mucoid lining reduces nutrient absorption and increases toxin absorption, therefore it needs to go if you want to be as healthy as you can reasonably be. The mucoid lining also inhibits lymphatic fluid drainage that would normally be drained into the bowel.

Is there a mucoid lining in the colon?

No. Sometimes in the natural health industry myths get promoted for long enough that they finally get accepted as fact. The mucoid lining in the colon is such a myth. Therefore, if you go online and research the mucoid lining virtually everything you read will tell you that the mucoid lining is in the colon. Realistically, medical doctors such as Dr. Cowden, who has years of experience in Internal Medicine are less likely to be taken in by such myths. For one thing, countless colonoscopies are done in clinics and hospitals throughout the country, and if all these patients had thick rubbery linings in their colon this would be evident in the photos taken. On the other hand, the small intestine is about 25 feet long and endoscopies of it are much rarer because the device isn’t long enough to reach the whole thing. When Dr. Cowden was associated with an in-house bowel cleansing clinic, he had colon hydro-therapists who had done a colonic every week for 15 years that came in and did the mucoid bowel cleanse and passed a great deal of mucoid lining. If it had been in their colon they would have washed it out years earlier. After learning this at his seminar, I was doing some Internet research and came across one website for colon cleanses (there are many), complete with pictures and all, where one enthusiastic young lady had taken all the pieces of black, nasty mucoid lining that had come out of her and laid them out lengthwise on a beach towel, and she was thrilled to have “passed 14 feet of mucoid lining out of my colon”. This is interesting in view of the fact that the colon is only about 4 feet long. The mucoid lining is not in the colon; it is in the small intestine. This is quite relevant since it is in a place where it can have a far more significant impact on nutrient absorption.

Once you understand what the mucoid lining is, it isn’t reasonable to say that it could have no negative effect on health. Are all the people you know in great health these days? No, most people have health problems to varying degrees. Everything worth having requires some work and that includes regaining health. The 7-Day Rapid Cleanse is one of the things you may want to do to that end. Getting rid of the mucoid lining is only one small component of the overall synergistic benefits of the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse.

Our special colema methods.

The type of colemas we do during the 7-Day Rapid Cleanse are quite a bit more specialized than regular colema methods.  This is primarily because they are ozonated.  The filtered, warm, ozonated mineral water is taken in about a liter at a time while lying on the colema board in privacy, and this is done with a very specific massage technique (that we will teach you) designed by Dr. Cowden for the purpose of allowing you to retain the liter of ozonated saline water until significant pressure to expel builds up. The client then expels into the toilet along with mucoid lining and in some cases rather foul smelling metallic, chemical, or other toxins that should not be inside you and are better off eliminated Because you do this process 16 to 20 times in about 30 minutes it creates tremendous Vagus nerve stimulation. The principle is that this Vagus nerve activation affects detoxication and digestion organs in a powerful way, not just during the cleanse, but afterwards as well.

EWOT therapy to help reverse chronic illness.

EWOT therapy is an amazing new method to help reverse chronic illnesses in which hypoxia or poor tissue oxygenation is an issue (essentially all of them, Lyme disease included).

EWOT method allows you to do about 20 minutes of cardio on a cardio machine while breathing almost 100% oxygen through a closed, unrestricted high flow mask. During that 20 minutes you may literally take in through your lungs the same quantity of O2 oxygen you would have taken in through 8 hours of typical shallow breathing of 21% atmospheric oxygen. Over time the benefits of this can be phenomenal. Of course, if you are aware of medical usage of oxygen and O2 sat you know that most of us without pulmonary disease stay fairly close to 100% saturation of our hemoglobin with oxygen.  But what benefit necessarily is that for the Lyme patient who has poor microcirculation, inflammation that causes swollen, restricted capillaries, and poor oxygen exchange across capillary walls, excess fibrin lining capillaries and preventing good oxygen transfer to tissues, excess biofilm congesting blood and lymph? In other words,pulmonary function and getting oxygen from your lungs to your red blood cell hemoglobin is not the only concern.  Even after accomplishing that, in chronic illnesses hypoxia often continues.

When you increase circulation with high intensity or interval cardio, and have the increased breathing associated with this while breathing pure oxygen, the O2 is pushed far deeper into the tissues than in any other way.  Every little nook and cranny in the body gets saturated with oxygen, and not only the blood but also the lymphatic and interstitial fluid are also oxygenated. In this way cells chronically under-oxygenated began to receive adequate oxygen for the first time in years, after a few months of this some pretty amazing healing can occur; inflammation reduction, detoxification, and regeneration begin to take place. EWOT though if done correctly and to its full potential benefit needs to be done the right way.

In addition, there are preparatory therapies that ideally should proceed it.  For those who come to Retreats we outline these instructions in detail and of course it is very valuable to begin doing powerful new methods with the help of someone familiar with them. Once this is done, then you are in a much better position to implement them yourself at home successfully without all the mishaps, trial and error. This is the essence of what we are trying to accomplish with our healing, educating, and practical application Retreats.

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