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Laser Energetic Detoxification

This natural modality combines homeopathy with a cold laser to assist individuals in eliminating the various toxins that we all accumulate in our bodies from living in an industrialized world.

Modern society gives us many advantages but pollution is not one of them.

Natural Detox with Powerful Results

Laser Energetic Detoxification (LED) has to be experienced to be fully understood and to feel the amazing results. In order to do an LED therapy, you would first come in for an electrodermal screening evaluation (energetic evaluation) as described on the ASYRA page. This will energetically identify the heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and various other toxins in your body. Then the ASYRA will choose the individualized detoxification support remedies, areas of toxic focus (where the toxins have accumulated), and other issues related to the toxins.

Homeopathic Support


A homeopathic, multi-chord nosode of the identified toxins is imprinted on the day of your first appointment, and then the LED session is scheduled to be done on another day so that you will have time to prepare for it. These homeopathic remedies are placed in a small glass vial and a very powerful Infrared light is pulsed through the homeopathic vials into the areas where the toxin has accumulated to drive the energy of the homeopathic remedy into that area, causing the chemical or toxic metal to begin releasing. Then a red laser is shined through the homeopathic vial and swept across your primary acupuncture points on your hands, feet, and ears. This results in the body releasing these toxins over the next 24 hours. In addition to the use of a homeopathic nosode of the toxins, individualized organ sarcode support and numerous energetic detoxification support remedies are chosen and imprinted into separate vials. For each person the ASYRA will typically choose 10 to 15 detoxification remedies out of over 100 that are scanned. It is unlikely that any two clients would ever have the same detoxification remedies. It is highly individualized.

Herbal and Nutritional Supplements


Various herbal and nutritional supplements and heavy metal binders are also used during this time to support the body’s natural drainage and detoxification processes through the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and spleen for a more complete elimination of the toxins that were addressed in the LED session. The LED protocol is really the culmination of years of clinical observation with homeopathy, natural detox, and homeopathic sarcode use by Lee Cowden M.D. and others. It is truly a cutting edge, perfected, natural detox protocol. Does homeopathy work? The use of a homeopathic nosodes, or a remedy made from the toxin one is poisoned with, is a well established practice in homeopathy and over 100 studies have been published in the British Medical Journal proving the effectiveness of homeopathy. Some of these being double blind, placebo controlled studies. Millions of patients and doctors who use Homeopathy in Germany, England, France, and other hubs for Homeopathy can’t all be mentally ill and deluded can they be? Homeopathy, when skillfully used can be a nice addition to one’s efforts to maintain good health.

Embarking On a Healthy Lifestyle with Cutting Edge Natural Modalities


Getting man-made chemicals and toxic metals out of the body with homeopathic oriented, natural detox protocols like LED has value for disease prevention, anti-aging, and seems especially helpful for the seemingly inexplicable outbreak of of new conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chemical sensitivities and like illnesses. People suffering from these conditions may have gone to great lengths to get their health back and met with frustration. These conditions just mentioned unfortunately respond poorly to conventional medical treatment, which is why persons with these conditions often turn to natural medicine. Not all natural medicine is effective and some is really little more than fraud. Having recovered from Lyme disease, Jack Miller can truly vouch for the key role the LED natural detox protocol had in helping him to regain health. Doing a series of LED scans and sessions was truly a turning point in his health in 2003, and the protocol has only gotten better or more sophisticated since then. (He also maintains a mostly organic diet.)  He is offering the natural detox modality that had proven benefits in his case.


Autism and Laser Energetic Detoxification

Additional proof of the efficacy of Laser Energetic Detoxification

“Here is just one example of the power of Laser detox that Lee Cowden MD presented at the ACIM medical conference in LA that I attended in early spring 2013: A 7 year old boy with Autism Spectrum disorder was given 4 urine chelation challenges with heavy metal binders and chelators, once a month for four months. What this means is that the doctor gave the Autistic child doses of two chelating substances that are known to go into the body and bind with mercury and other brain damaging heavy metals and pull them out into the urine. A urine collection for 6 hours was taken each time  to measure the amount of mercury coming out in the child’s urine. When the heavy metal chelators were given the 4th month, only one thing was changed: the Homeopathic Laser Energetic Detoxification was used this time. A homeopathic mercury vial was prepared and used. This time there was a drastic increase in the amount of mercury being excreted by the Autistic child. The amount of mercury being excreted in the urine is measured in ug/g of creatinine. (the latter is a predictable marker for urine concentration).  The results were: Month one: 2.3 ug of mercury Month two: 4.5 ug of mercury Month three: 3.4 ug of mercury Month four: 33 ug of Mercury (note the drastic increase in mercury excretion after the Laser Energetic Detox was added to the chelation dose) This child of course had a ways to go. Lee Cowden has turned numerous cases of Autism around quite dramatically and does so with extremely comprehensive protocol. This ASD child will require more chelation to finally get the levels of mercury down to where they need to be, but you can see how LED can speed this process up. Although Laser Energetic Detox is a new and exciting protocol and we are still trying to understand it, evidence like this continues to accumulate rather rapidly. Other practioners are having amazing results.”


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