How the Oxygen Steam Sauna Works


  The principle of this natural therapy is that as the client sits in the sauna, the steam opens their pores and they then absorb therapeutic amounts of oxygen (and a little bit of ozone) through their skin and it oxidizes toxic metals and chemicals and converts them into a more water soluble form so that they can be sweated out more easily, or eliminated through the liver and kidneys. Below notice the toxic metals on the white towels that these clients were sitting on while in the sauna. Interestingly, while some begin sweating out these heavy metals right away, other more debilitated clients may not begin seeing gray spots on the towels until after completing several sessions. It takes energy for the body to excrete heavy metals using natural detox protocols like this one. Some of those who are more ill apparently do not have enough energy at first. They may be quite poisoned with toxic metals, but are excreting very little. Once they complete several sessions it is as if the dam breaks and they begin spotting the towels with toxic metals. This seems to be the case based on reports of individuals using this modality.

The Natural Antiseptic Ability of Oxygen

  This is another example of cutting edge natural medicine, like the Laser Energetic Detoxification, that didn’t really exist a decade ago from the standpoint of availability. In addition to sweating out toxins, oxygen naturally assists the body in the elimination of pathogenic, microscopic organism by oxidizing them. This is of particular interest to individuals suffering from Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue syndrome or CFIDS, and Fibromyalgia. In these type illnesses, there is always a sizable infectious load, namely, multiple infections and co-infections. There is a lot of cross over between these conditions. Many of the symptoms overlap and undiagnosed Lyme infection is common in CFIDS and Fibromyalgia. Many of these infections poison the body with metabolic waste products. People with these illnesses often report feeling poisoned, yet no matter what they do it doesn’t really provide relief. Oxygen can both significantly increase detoxification and gradually brings chronic infections under control as well.
Many harmful microbes are killed by oxygen; and virtually all are killed when it is in the powerful, oxidizing form of ozone which is why many major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and around the world use ozone to disinfect their water supplies. Yeasts and fungi, viruses, bacteria, and protozoa don’t stand a chance against ozone. They simply cannot develop resistance to it. Of course flooding a water supply with ozone is not the same as the therapeutic use of ozone. There are precise methods to get ozone into the body in proper  therapeutic amounts. This has been pioneered in Germany. There, millions of individual Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) treatments have been done with quite amazing results. This is a direct infusion of one’s own blood after it is ozonated. Another method that is preferable to those who reject blood transfusions is called Polyatomic Apheresis. This methods functions somewhat like a low volume blood dialysis device, that also ozonates the  blood. The natural oxygen sauna shown in here is less invasive and doesn’t have to be done in a clinical environment. What else does oxygen sauna do?

Oxygen Supports the Immune System

When someone is walking around with numerous chronic infections as in the case with Lyme disease, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Something is obviously amiss as far as normal immune function is concerned. A healthy immune system is required to keep infections like the ones involved with the above mentioned diseases from getting the upper hand in the first place. If one uses natural oxygen therapies, herbs, Rx, or other methods to intervene and address chronic infections, what is to prevent these infections from coming back once these modalities are discontinued? Nothing really. They likely will come back, as anyone who has dealt with chronic Lyme disease and co-infections can attest to after they discontinue their antibiotics and symptoms begin to return.
That can be very discouraging. Immune system support is essential for long term recovery. There are excellent products available and at Natural Health Sciences of Arizona, we customize those products for each individual. In addition to immune system support products that come in pill or liquid form, natural oxygen therapies also function as an immune supporting, and immune enhancing substance. Researchers in Italy discovered ozone therapy enhances virtually every immune system cytokine tested. Cytokines are natural substances produced in the body that increase immune function and effectiveness. These researchers concluded that the immune stimulating effect of oxygen therapies/ozone could explain many of its health benefits.

Benefits of Increased Oxygen Metabolism

By increasing oxygen use in the body, many good things start to happen. Fat gets burned more efficiently, and there is more energy available at the cellular level. Overall mitochondrial function moves in a positive direction, and as stated, the body increases antioxidant production. Since ozone is used and advocated by tens of thousands of medical doctors (including a Nobel prize Laureate) in Russia, England, Germany, France and virtually all over the world, why is it so misunderstood and under-utilized here in our country? There is inadequate room to discuss this complex subject on this page. Suffice it to say that if you want to benefit from properly used oxygen therapies you must educate yourself. Below are just three of several reasons for confusion regarding one oxygen therapy: ozone therapy.

Clearing Up the Confusion

One: People associate ozone with pollution. Thick hydrocarbon smog accumulates ozone. Ozone is attracted to pollutants. Therefore most individuals in cities only know of ozone being reported as a pollutant. In reality, ozone is used as a marker to gauge overall smog levels because it is inexpensive and easy to test. In reality, the amount of ozone in smog is fairly small and not likely to cause harm. It is the auto and industrial pollution itself that is irritating the lungs. ozone-therapyTwo: Ozone generators such as the ones shown here that create ozone from a pure oxygen source do not create any of the harmful byproducts created when ozone is made from atmospheric air by ozone generating air purifiers. Several multilevel marketing companies sell ozone machines as cure-alls. And while it is true that these machines used as air purifiers do rid the air in a home of potential harmful allergens such as mold spores, human lungs can suffer damage from prolonged ozone exposure if it is breathed in excess. The amount of ozone generated by these machines indoors is quite significant. Therefore, the use of ozone and oxygen therapies as shown here on this page is not to be confused with air purifying ozone machines. Those don’t have any natural therapeutic value per se, because you can’t absorb any significant amount of ozone by breathing it, since it breaks down in the lungs and doesn’t go into the body systemically. When an oxygen steam sauna session is done at Natural Health Sciences of Arizona, a towel is wrapped around the neck to seal off any ozone being generated inside the cabinet, and a fan is used to blow the ozone away from ones face so that it is not inhaled. Ozone is very irritating to the lungs in high concentrations. Normal noninvasive modalities such as NHSOA-Ozone-therapy-renate-viebahn-bookoxygen steam sauna stay well below that threshold. It is mainly being absorbed through the skin, not inhaled, with uptake into the capillaries and lymphatic fluid. Oxygen therapies must be absorbed systemically to be of any real value in chronic illnesses. A third and final reason why ozone gets a bad rap in the U.S. is that some of its most vocal advocates and authors have been disreputable, and some ozone advocates were outright fraudulent. The American media chose to focus on these instead of Nobel laureate scholars who advocate safe and proper ozone use. Be cautious with what you read. There are some very poorly written books out there filled with exaggerated and inaccurate information. For accurate information on ozone please read doctor Frank Shallenberger’s book “Principles and applications of ozone therapy”. Doctor Shallenberger M.D. is the most respected ozone authority in the U.S. If you want an even more in depth discussion read “The use of ozone in medicine” by Renate Viebahn. This German biochemist has written the chief scientific reference book for medical ozone usage.

The Evidence for sauna therapy with small amounts of oxygen and ozone added to the unit.

I took six towels, non-organic cotton that had all been washed in the same detergent and local well water. Six different clients sat n these towels in the ozone sauna and left gray spots on the towels, as you can see in the photos above. In the areas that had concentrated gray spots, I cut out samples that were a few inches in size. I also cut out an unspotted section of towel from the corner of one of the towels that had been used in the sauna as a control sample. These were then sent to Doctor’s Data laboratory to be analyzed. The goal was to find out if the 6 gray spotted towels were higher in heavy metals than the unspotted control samples. The answer is: yes. The following bar graphs show how much. The baseline number is the control sample. The numbers in the graph represents how many times higher each gray sample was than the control sample. Keep in mind that non-organic cotton would likely have some heavy metals in it, and there were naturally some heavy metals in the well water that was used to wash these towels. The spotted samples were significantly higher in heavy metals than the control. The only exception was aluminum. The aluminum control sample was about the average of the other samples. In a conversation with Lee Cowden, M.D., he brought out that well water can be fairly high in aluminum, and also washing powders can contain it. If this testing is repeated in the future, we will obtain organic towels washed in purified water and laundry soap with assurance of purity. Nonetheless, the overall results are quite dramatic as the bar graphs will show. Download the actual lab results here: Doctor’s Data Inc Lab Results Jack Miller CTN   heavy-metal-test-results ch2 ch3 ch4


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