I know from experience that when you are sick and suffering, and someone talks about positive thinking, you might want to murder that person (well not literally), BUT……the reality is that working on a mental outlook matters. It affects the outcome. Psychoneuroimmunology has shown that thoughts affect immune function and many other aspects of physiology.
There was a turning point in my recovery from Lyme disease, Mercury poisoning, severe digestive problems, CFS, and Fibromyalgia, that I finally got to the bottom line with real natural medicine that worked and also learned what a healthy lifestyle truly is. Feeling empowered to finally take back control of your health helps in two ways: First off, all good natural medicine, along with exercise, nutrition, rest and ridding oneself of fear, anger, and hopelessness over an illness works. Regardless of what your cute, blonde, local TV anchor tells you, inexpensive, good natural medicine works. Secondly, the feeling of empowerment when taking back control of your health, even if the process of learning how to get well is a bumpy road, it is still good for your immune system. It’s better than helplessness. (Do you want any person telling you your future and that you can’t get well, Live with it!!!) People who make a full and strong recovery from Lyme disease, and associated problems, are individuals who pass a sort or threshold or turning point that makes them realize “I am in control. I can beat this thing and I don’t have to be dependent on any doctor or drug to do it.” Seek out those who refused to give up. Two of my favorite examples are Camille St. Claire and Perry Fields. Never give up!!

For more information on Lyme Disease visit https://www.nhsofarizona.com/health-challenges/lyme-disease/