As a holistic traditional practitioner I am alarmed by how many people with Lyme disease are in fact relentlessly doing very powerful kill therapies, meaning natural and/or conventional treatments to annihilate Spirochete bacteria while mostly ignoring terrain. It seems like a recipe for failure and more suffering. It ignores the fact that there are many people walking around who have been exposed to the Borrelia Burgdorferi infection and all the other bugs that cause Lyme disease who are perfectly healthy, have the antibodies in their blood to prove they were exposed, and are essentially in great health. They are living examples of Bechamp’s theory – they were unaffected by the bug that makes a few individuals sick. There are far more of these people walking around than the relative minority of people who succumb to chronic Lyme disease after exposure.

As stated, by some estimates, more than half the population of the U.S. has already been exposed to this bug and yet remain healthy. They are the majority. That minority who gets sick from Lyme disease were having problems long before exposure to any microbe. In other words, their garbage collectors went on strike sometime prior to the vermin-like, microbial population explosion.

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