There are various ways to do a coffee enema, but they all accomplish basically the same thing. Prepare the coffee and then allow it to cool to a temperature about equal to body temperature. Put the coffee into an enema bag or bucket, lie down on a thick towel on the bathroom floor and take the coffee as a retention enema. Different recipes for coffee enemas advocated by various practitioners vary in three basic ways: the strength of the coffee solution, the volume of coffee used, and length of time it is retained.

These all affect the ultimate therapeutic strength of the coffee enema. Very strong therapeutic coffee enemas use a stronger dilution of coffee, volumes up to a quart, and retention times of 15 minutes, although it isn’t recommended that beginners start with such a powerful coffee enema, since the detox symptoms could be excessive. The coffee is retained in the sigmoid colon, and sometimes the descending colon (which is in the left abdominal area). If a quart of coffee is used and the coffee goes into the descending colon it will pack a more powerful punch, and more coffee will begin to slowly absorb through the colon mucosa and be taken up into the portal circulation, or the portal vein system.

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