In the case of heavy metal poisoning, mercury is dramatically more neurotoxic than lead. Most American’s have been taught to fear lead, but to ignore mercury. This could be because it’s routinely placed in our teeth, used as a vaccine component, and because mercury laden fish that would be illegal in other countries is routinely sold at your neighborhood grocery store seafood section. So yes, American’s are getting mercury poisoned and most people are unaware of it. The three things I mentioned are considered the Big 3 for those who are mercury aware, that is seafood, mercury fillings, and vaccines. But there is another insidious danger that people in the holistic realms sometimes ignore.

This week I worked with someone who had been given a Chinese herbal (TCM) formula for anxiety. I love Chinese herbs! They are fantastic but some of original formulas call for the actual addition of lead, mercury, or arsenic, left over practices from the alchemy days of medicine. BUT……..they’re still doing it!! They’re still intentionally addling toxic metals!! My first concern was the the mostly all Chinese writing on the bottle and no GMP certification. A quick internet search showed that this TCM product and this particular company’s product tested as having over 1700 PPM of mercury. Folks, this is a very dangerous amount of mercury. This man had been given the product by another naturopathic practitioner and was on his 3rd bottle. He said it was actually helping, so he was getting therapeutic benefit, but if he had kept taking it, it would likely cause mercury poisoning. I found him the same formula that was GMP certified clean and we replaced it. Be careful with Chinese herbs. Use GMP certified clean and better yet use companies that grow and produce their herbs in the US.

~ Jack Miller, CTN

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