Do you know what isn’t bad news? Addressing the root causes and making a full recovery! But some don’t even try because they are told it is not even a real illness. Just you whining about some pain with no real cause.

No real cause? So your body just decided to create lots of pain for no reason, because our body’s innate intelligence that’s supposed to keep you healthy is a prankster right?

Pain is ALWAYS a signal that something is wrong. There are root causes of course but these do not include Lyrica deficiency. They do include, multiple undiagnosed infections, metal and chemical poisoning, chronic sluggish detoxification pathways, dysregulated immune system that ignores infections and creates general inflammation, biotoxin poisoning, brain issues from said toxicity including memory loss, depression, insomnia including alpha wave intrusion on deep sleep, damaged dysfunctional mitochondria made worse by hormonal issues………..This is just a partial list. Seriously, just a partial list but it is all reversible with good holistic therapy.

Please check Natural Health Sciences of Arizona on Fibromyalgia. This is Jack Miller CTN story of recovery from it.