Does anyone know what causal chain is, as it relates to recovering from chronic illness? One definition is that it is tracing root causes backwards. For instance, You have muscle pain – labeled Fibromyalgia. It’s a symptom of course, But what is the root cause? Lyrica deficiency? Perhaps not. A root cause could be an immune system that is dysregulated and causing out of control inflammation. So that’s the root cause. No wait, what is the root cause of that? Multiple chronic infections, might be labeled as Lyme disease, might be labeled as chronic EBV or some other infection. Whichever one that you get a hit on with a lab test is labeled as the “cause” of your illness.. But what is the root cause of you getting sick from an infection that most of the population has already been exposed to and are not sick? The infection is not the root cause so what is the root cause of the infection? One root cause is toxic metal accumulation that weakened you and made you a bug collector. You accumulated the infections that you were exposed to and other people were exposed to the same bugs and and are fine. They’re healthy. So you have toxic metal accumulation mercury, lead, cadmium ,etc. So that is the root cause of your illness. Great, Now you know.

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