NHSOA-Success-Stories-Testimonial-Autism-2015Oliver was diagnosed with Autism right before he turned two in 2008. He came home from the hospital jaundiced; I was told it was “normal”. I knew he had Autism by the time he was three months old. He had hand flapping, plus he is my fourth child. A mother just knows. He was the easiest baby ever. He breastfed well and was generally passively observing his surroundings. I told other family members about my concerns, but they insisted that he was “fine”. His passiveness turned to ear piercing screams, all day long. He would scream for excitement, joy, discomfort, anger, fear and any other emotion he could not verbally express. Screaming was his form of communication. We started him with intensive ABA, (behavioral therapy), by the age of two. His therapy consisted of behavioral modifications and was conducted 8 hrs a day 5 days a week. This child was working a full-time job by the age of 2. His symptoms improved some, but there were very few “OMG” moments. He would advance but at a slow pace. Ollie has only regressed once, he has always had a slow progression. In 2014, He aged out of ABA, and we moved out of the area.

After we moved, I became very ill and could not care for him the way I was before. He refused everything but fast food. He had limited his diet to chicken nuggets and French fries from Burger King. He would eat corn chips and all corn products, and the school lunch every day. His behaviors were worse than they had ever been (this is when he regressed) and I was too sick to do anything about it. Finally, I hit rock bottom. I sought out natural healing, and connected with Jack Miller through Facebook. The problems we faced to see Jack were: 1. natural medicine is not covered by insurance, so out of pocket costs 2. Jack is 11 hours away one way 3. I didn’t know Jack 4. I was so sick I didn’t know if I could hold up to make it to him 5. Ollie’s behaviors were so severe I didn’t know if he could handle these natural therapies. Even with all of this against us we packed up and left for Arizona. We stayed with a family we had never met before, and Ollie completed two allergy sweeps and two LED Detoxes.

I have to give a special note to the family we stayed with, and Jack and his staff for being creative and understanding in accomplishing the EDS scans on Ollie. It was not easy anyway. It took relocating from the office where he was screaming and fearful and finding the right movie, in order to get him scanned.

After the first laser detox we noticed that Ollie was calmer. The wonderful family we stayed with also noticed the screaming had somewhat subsided. We discovered through ASYRA and ZYTO testing that Ollie was sensitive to the foods he was limiting himself to, especially corn and potatoes. Jack recommended a gluten free and dairy free diet. I took it one step further and have been doing GAPS/Paleo. We gave Ollie the supplements and homeopathic remedies Jack recommended. Here comes the best part. Within a month Ollie was reading and spelling. I am literally crying as I type this. Remembering back to where we were and how far we have come, makes me emotional. I think mainly because I now have hope that my son will recover, fully. His teachers couldn’t believe the progress he was making. His teacher actually said to me that sometimes kids improve, but then it all comes back. He didn’t want to believe that it was a permanent change, but as time went on he could see that Ollie was only improving. He was not just improving but he was improving by leaps and bounds. I would say that he improved more in this last year than he has all of the years (6 years)of ABA. Autism is in the body, not the behavior. He used to be a runner. He was hit by a car at 3 years old, because he ran out into the road. He was fascinated by the spinning tires. Within 6 months after seeing Jack, we no longer need the locks on the front door. His responsiveness to our verbal requests was non-existent, (literally like he was deaf) now he responds to us, even from a different room. It is truly amazing. We can see that when his body is supported his symptoms disappear on their own. We are seeing Ollie’s personality coming out more and more. Anxiety has been replaced with hope and joy. We now look forward to the future, because we know it will hold more healing for his body. I was really hopeless when I decided to risk it all and take our family to see Jack. Now, I not only have hope, but I know that he will become his optimal self.

~ Heather from Modesto, California 2015