Electrodermal screening can assist you in determining the best nutritional supplements to support health without all the trial and error.

Electro Dermal screening (EDS) has been around for several decades and was originated for the German physician/homeopath Dr.Rheinhold Voll by American electronics engineers and others as a means to test numerous homeopathic remedies and natural products quickly on each of his patients. Since that time it has become a mainstay of many practitioners of natural medicine and has become increasingly faster and more accurate as well.
There are numerous companies making EDS equipment today. The EDS equipment that the Traditional Naturopath Jack Miller uses in working with clients at Natural Health Sciences is the ASYRA by G-Tech, and also the ZYTO machine. These two machines represent the ultimate evolution of EDS devices. They provide an energetic analysis that assists with making decisions about what products to use to optimize healing from various illnesses. These EDS devices are also excellent for assisting with disease prevention and overall guidance in a healthy lifestyle.

Understanding Energetic Analysis

To aid in understanding how this energetic analysis works, here is a little basic information. Both the ASYRA and the ZYTO have the capability to do three things simultaneously: They output tiny electrical currents between what’s known as the EAV (Electro-Acupuncture-Voll) points on your fingers, they measure the amount of electrical resistance or impedance between these points on the fingers and establish a baseline, and finally, the hardware outputs various frequencies and measures changes in the above mentioned electrical resistance in response to those frequencies.

The principle of why this type of equipment works is that all substances have a unique vibrational frequency and the human body, which has its own electromagnetic field and frequency, can recognize and be affected in either a good or bad way by the frequencies of a variety of substances (this is also a basis for Homeopathy.) For instance, if the hardware outputs the frequency of ragweed or juniper pollen while you are sitting and holding the ASYRA hand held electrodes, or have your hand on the ZYTO cradle, your nervous system may respond to this by changing your body’s electrical impedance or resistance to the tiny current that is running through the electrodes. While you may not notice or feel anything, a significant change in your body’s electrical resistance can energetically indicate allergy or intolerance to the pollen and this will register as a “hit” while doing the scan. This “hit” will be visible to you on the computer monitor. Then a homeopathic imprint of ragweed can be made as drops or a number of other steps could be taken. This energetic evaluation, followed by a suggested course of homeopathy or natural products will assist your body’s natural healing ability. While ragweed or juniper pollen are given as examples, during your first EDS evaluation, thousand of things can be scanned. These can include other allergens, various infectious organisms, hormones, toxic metals and chemicals, as well as a variety of comprehensive issues affecting health. Regarding, heavy metal toxicity and chemical poisoning, once key toxic metals and chemicals have been energetically identified, we can proceed to the Laser Energetic Detoxification protocol to aid in natural detoxification of these (also discussed on this site.)
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Not All Nutritional Supplements are Created Equally 

The ASYRA and ZYTO EDS equipment also have the ability to do an energetic evaluation of thousands of vitamin, mineral, herbal, and other nutritional supplements, to determine which ones balance or strengthen the body. Natural Health Sciences of Arizona uses some of the best quality nutritional supplements that can be found on the market today. These have pharmaceutical grade nutrients, contain the actual amount of nutrients that they claim, and are also purity tested to insure they do not contain heavy metal, solvent, and pesticide contaminates. This is certainly not the case with all nutritional supplements on the market. The philosophy of Natural Health Sciences on this matter, is that it is better to take smaller amounts of high quality supplements than large volumes of cheap ones that may be virtually worthless. The benefit of these EDS scans is that it helps you to energetically evaluate what you really need and eliminate those things that really aren’t helping. Jack has consistently noted that when doing an energetic evaluation that the best quality nutritional supplements typically test good over and over, while cheap brands often test bad energetically. When you come for an appointment, please bring all your vitamin supplements so that these can be plate tested.

Disease Prevention is Simpler than Disease Treatment

Could disease prevention be as simple as getting toxins out of the body and getting high quality nutrients in? To be sure, these two things are certainly crucially important in natural healing. Health is of course a bit more complex than that, but these two steps are a good starting point for promoting natural healing. It is the combination of good conventional medical testing and treatment, effective natural medicine, and leading a healthy lifestyle that gives one the best capacity for long term health and disease prevention. Our goal here at NHS of Arizona is to provide assistance with the latter two things. Please continue to seek competent medical treatment.

NOTE: There are a variety of ways to use the ZYTO and ASYRA devices since each device allows one to create customized scans and imprint frequencies into the software. Some are using them in a way that incorporates spiritualistic practices. Natural Health Sciences only uses these devices in the straightforward way described above.



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