Natural Therapies

Lymphatic Drainage


NHSOA-Lymphatic-DrainageIn a conversation with W. Lee Cowden, M.D., we discussed the normal drainage of the lymphatic fluid and the extreme importance of this physiological function for health and vitality. Dr. Cowden stated that the lymphatic fluid should be a milky fluid, but if stagnation develops it can become first like a gel, or even like a paste in some cases, which would make it difficult for the body to heal from chronic illnesses since this would slow nutrient transport to the cells and metabolic toxin transport away from the cells. Read More…

Oxygen Therapies


NHSOA-oxygen-therapyThe principle of this natural therapy is that as the client sits in the sauna, the steam opens their pores and they then absorb therapeutic amounts of oxygen (and a little bit of ozone) through their skin and it oxidizes toxic metals and chemicals and converts them into a more water soluble form so that they can be sweated out more easily, or eliminated through the liver and kidneys. Read More…

Laser Energetic Detoxification

This natural modality combines homeopathy with a cold laser to assist individuals in eliminating the various toxins that we all accumulate in our bodies from living in an industrialized country.

Natural Detox with Powerful Results

Laser Energetic Detoxification (LED) has to be experienced to be fully understood and to feel the amazing results. Read more…

Activated Charcoal

NHSOA-Food-grade-activated-charcoalActivated charcoal is like billions of little tiny dust busters, and sponges, soaking up and cleaning up toxins, everywhere they go. It is filling with a huge amount of tiny absorptive pockets. Read More…

Nutritional Supplements

Pure-Encapsulations-traditional-naturopath-arizonaJack Miller uses the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade, nutritional supplements currently available, including some shown here. Please note that we do not sell these products directly through this website. Read More…

Liver Cleansing

natural-health-sciences-arizona-liver-cleansing-supplementsOnce when I was quite ill I was told by a friend (who was an M.D.), “Why do you keep doing all that liver cleansing? There’s nothing wrong with your liver”. The friend gave me this advice with good intentions of course, but it shows a fundamental difference in thought between allopathic medicine and holistic practice. Read More…




Methylation and Detoxification SNP Bypass

(Single Nucleotide Polymorphism)


Herbal Remedies





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