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What are the best, and the worst qualities in a doctor? Quite likely, the worst 3 qualities that can be combined are ignorance, arrogance, and cold heartedness. If you, or someone you love, has faced the American medical system with a chronic illness, you have likely bumped into a doctor or other health care worker like that. By contrast, what 3 qualities create excellence in any health care provider? Open-mindedness, ability to understand scientific principles of health, and having a heart for people. With those qualities anyone taking on the healing profession will eventually become good at it, whether they be an M.D., naturopath, chiropractor or other provider.

Jack Miller has 27 years of education, training, teaching, and practice in the field of natural health. He founded Natural Health Sciences of Arizona, LLC , and then later in 2010 began working as a traditional naturopathic practitioner, to introduce people to the variety of valuable natural health methods and modalities available. These were the same modalities that he had used to fully recover from a serious bout with stage 3 (neuro) Lyme disease, and multiple complications. Since that time people seeking health, including individuals from 23 U.S. states, (as of October 2019) as well as Mexico, Canada, Europe, and the middle East have traveled to see Jack and his staff at their 2 primary NHS offices in Prescott, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Natural medicine’s rising popularity is a result of the new health economy, and the desire of patients everywhere to take charge of their own heath, and learn how to naturally heal their own bodies. These days natural medicine products, equipment, and supplements have drastically increased both in variety, effectiveness, and availability, while oftentimes reducing in cost. That’s right a reduction in cost! As an example, much of the natural health therapy equipment that people can buy and use in their own home to help in their recovery journey costs much less than 25 years ago, thanks to the healthy competition of manufacturers.

American medicine continues to rank lower and lower by worldwide watchdog agencies like the World Health Organization and others. As one might have expected, savvy Americans are turning en masse to natural medicine. It has become a trend that is unstoppable. For some, natural medicine is their medicine. They use allopathic intervention only when absolutely needed, and as a complement to their holistic lifestyle and therapies.

What is right for you?

Would you like for you or your family to benefit from all the amazing things going on these days with effective natural medicine? More specifically, what are the services offered by Natural Health Sciences of Arizona. LLC ?

Our Most Loved Services

Our package deals for out of state or out of town clients. This involves booking an entire 4 morning week of 16 hours of detailed evaluation and services. You will then go home, with a detailed all-natural protocol that you will follow for about 6 weeks. You will also use in your own home whatever natural health equipment that you were taught to correctly use during that week.
Our Rapid detox retreats in Prescott, Arizona. Originally formulated by Dr William Lee Cowden to help victims of silicone breast implant rupture or poisoning to expel silicone, this method has now been reported by retreat guests to help with every imaginable condition. It represents the fastest track back to health for some.
For locals (Prescott, Arizona/Las Vegas), we provide package deals for specific weekly therapies like ozone, Lymphatic drainage, EWOT, and other modalities.

So, if you are ready to begin your healing journey, here are the steps you will take.

Contact us at 1-800-203-3916 (the United States) or +1- 928-227-0180 (outside the United States) and schedule your appointment: a regular in-office apt, a 1-week package, or Retreat week.

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