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”I personally read and re-read Jack’s Optimum Health diet and try and incorporate his suggestions (a little at a time of course) to try to change my thinking, purchasing, cooking and eating of more wholesome foods.”

~ Dona C.


“Jack’s E-book was a breath of fresh air, and an elixir for discouragement caused from chronic health problems. It was an easy to read, practical, and free guide to using food to get well.  It encouraged me to continue my fight, it reminded me that I can do it.  It’s not complicated, it requires only good old fashioned determination.   I cannot thank you enough.”
~  Lucynda C.


Your body has the ability to be strong and vital, especially when it is treated with respect.

The quality of the nutrients you intake makes a difference.

I have put together a 20-page report that covers the important basics:


  • reading food labels
  • the importance of taste
  • the benefits of organic foods
  • pesticide-ridden & toxic foods
  • the truth about fats & soy products
  • sweets you can eat
  • your metabolism & blood type
  • staple foods you need
  • and it’s yours to download FREE!


Hi, I’m Jack Miller, Certified Traditional Naturopath. When you’re recovering from an illness and want all the support you can get, eating the right foods is a big step in the right direction. My clients frequently want to know what they should and should not eat to stay healthy. Even when you are in great health, an optimal diet helps you stay that way.


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